Economou Polychronis
Associate Professor of Statistics
Research Interests:

Survival and Reliability Models

Diagnostics Tests

Biased Sampling and Weighted Distributions

Time Series

Statistical quality control

Stochastic optimazation

Big data analysis


PhD in Statistics (NTUA, 2007)

MSc in Applied Mathematics (NTUA, 2003)

Degree in Mathematics (University of Ioannina, 2001)


P. Economou and P. Papadopoulos (2023). Introduction to programming [Undergraduate textbook]. Kallipos, Open Academic Editions. (In Greek).

S. Bersimis, A. Sachlas and P. Economou, Public Health Monitoring Using Control Charts Based on Convex Hull, Research in Statistics, 1:1, DOI: 10.1080/27684520.2023.2246448

P. ┼conomou
, A clustering algorithm for overlapping Gaussian mixtures, Research in Statistics,  1:1, DOI: 10.1080/27684520.2023.2242337

P. Alexopoulos, M. Skondra, M. Charalampopoulou, E. Georgiou, A. Demertzis, S.╔. Aligianni, A. Politis, P. ┼conomou and D. Daussis, Low cognitive functioning and depressive symptoms in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and systemic sclerosis: A clinical study, BMC Psychiatry, 23, 513, 2023

E. Georgiou, M. Skondra, M. Charalampopoulou, P. Felemegkas, G. Stafylidou, V. Thomopoulos, A. Politis, I. Leroi, P. Economou and P. Alexopoulos, Validation of the Test for Finding Word retrieval deficits (WoFi) in detecting Alzheimer's Disease in a naturalistic clinical setting, European Journal of Ageing. 20, Article number:29, 2023

G. Giotopoulos, D. Papoulis, I. Koukouvelas, I. Skopeliti, P. Economou and E. Gianni, Teaching Geology In Higher Education Institutions Under Covid-19 Conditions. Geosciences,13(4):96, 2023

K. Skarlatos, A. Fousteris, D. Georgakellos, P. Economou and S. Bersimis, Assessing Ships' Environmental Performance using Machine Learning. Energies, 16(6):2544, 2023

K. Skarlatos, E.S. Bekri, D. Georgakellos, P. Economou and S. Bersimis, Projecting annual rainfall timeseries using machine learning techniques. Energies, 16(3):1459, 2023

L.N. Sklivaniotis, P. Economou, H.K. Karapanagioti, I.D. Manariotis. Chlorine Removal from Water by Biochar Derived from Various Food Waste Natural Materials, Environmental Processes. 10, Article number: 4, 2023

A. Batsidis and P. Economou. A Model Selection Criterion for Count Models Based on a Divergence Between Probability Generating Functions, In "Trends in mathematical, information and data sciences: a tribute to Leandro Pardo", 159-168, 2023

P. Economou, S. Malefaki and A. Batsidis. (2022). Probability - Statistics [Undergraduate textbook]. Kallipos, Open Academic Editions. (In Greek)

Economou Polychronis

University of Patras
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Publication metrics

Number of publications (papers, proceedings, R-packages): 63
mean number of co-authors per publication: 3.238
number of publications with respect to the number of co-authors
single author: 3
co-authors  1:  22                  2:  15
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                    14:  2                  15:  1

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Number of different co-authors: 96
Top co-authors (number of publications (%))
     C. Caroni: 13 (20.63%)
     G. Tzavelas: 13 (20.63%)
     A. Batsidis: 10 (15.87%)
     P. Alexopoulos: 10 (15.87%)
     A. Politis: 9 (14.23%)