Economou Polychronis
Associate Professor of Statistics
Research Interests:

Survival and Reliability Models

Diagnostics Tests

Biased Sampling and Weighted Distributions

Time Series

Statistical quality control

Stochastic optimazation

Big data analysis


PhD in Statistics (NTUA, 2007)

MSc in Applied Mathematics (NTUA, 2003)

Degree in Mathematics (University of Ioannina, 2001)


E. Drimtzias, P. Economou, K. Falzon, S. Picton and I. Simmons. A Model to Assess Time to Treatment in Children with Optic Pathway Gliomas. J Ophthalmol Clin Res 6(1): 106-113, 2022

A. Batsidis and P. Economou. A Model Selection Criterion for Count Models Based on a Divergence Between Probability Generating Functions, In "Trends in mathematical, information and data sciences: a tribute to Leandro Pardo", Accepted

E. Skamnia, E.S. Bekri and P. Economou. Analysis of regional precipitation measurements: The Peloponnese and the Ionian islands case. In Proceedings of the Protection and Restoration of the Environment XVI, Greece, Accepted.

E. Skamnia, P. Economou, S. Bermis, M. Frouda, A. Politis and P. Alexopoulos. Hot spot identification method based on Andrews curves: An application on the COVID-19 crisis effects on caregiver distress in neurocognitive disorder. Journal of Applied Statistics. DOI: 10.1080/02664763.2021.2022607, 2022.

A. Batsidis, P. Economou, S. K. Bar-Lev. A comparative study of goodness-of-fit tests for the Laplace distribution,  Austrian Journal of Statistics, 51(2), 91-123, 2022.

34th Panhellenic Statistics Conference, Athens, May, 19 - 22, 2022

Protection and Restoration of the Environment XVI, July 5-8, 2022, Kalamata, Greece

15th International Conference of the ERCIM WG on Computational and Methodological Statistics (CMStatistics 2022), 17-19 December 2022,  London

Economou Polychronis

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