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Besides the lab directors shown below, the EBL system is available for use by other faculty members of University of Patras (UP) and to a limited number of collaborating faculty members from other institutions. Priority will be given to the faculty members who administer the majority of their research programs via the UP Research Committee (ELKE).
The interested users will have to fill out the request form below and contact one of the main users to discuss the intending usage of the EBL system. In order to cover the basic operational costs and consumables, a minimum pre-determined operation fee needs to be paid to ELKE prior to use.



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Request Form
Lab Directors:

C. Christides, Associate Professor
+30 2610 996879

P. Kounavis, Associate Professor
+30 2610 996281

D. Kouzoudis, Assistant Professor
+30 2610 996880